All of our pipe tobacco is blended in house with only the most premium tobaccos available and always guaranteed to be fresh. We are working on an online store, but for now you have to give us a call to order. Most all of the pipe tobacco is priced at $55 for a pound, however, some do cost a little more. 


Not sure which to buy? Give us a call and we can put together a variety pack just for you.

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Hands Down Best Sellers 43 Years and Counting

Way back in 1973 on the cobblestones of River Street, these  four tobaccos are what started it all. This is a starting place that we recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried our tobaccos before.

Best Seller #1Count Pulaski

Combine the zest of toasted Cavendish with a touch of Burley and Golden Virginia, and the even burning qualities of mild Maryland. No bite, cool smoke and mild as a mother’s love.

Best Seller #2Chatham Gold

Consists of an aromatic golden Cavendish with just a pinch of our cool burning Toasted Cavendish to provide a satisfying taste and flavorful aroma. It’s on of our most popular house blends.

Best Seller #3 Poor Phil’s Special

If you love the taste of cherry but demand a cool smoke then this one’s for you! We have combined an imported cherry blend with our very own Toasted Cavendish to produce a smoke that is heavenly. Everyone will want to know where you got it.

Best Seller #4 Ole Savannah

A wonderful combination of an aromatic Golden Cavendish and a cool burning fire cured Cavendish. This blend is an extremely mild, slow burning smoke with a wonderful aroma that everyone loves.

Emmaline Oh So Fine
Blended to perfection with hints of whiskey and laced with mocha. So fresh, this southern belle will have you coming back for more!

Bens Blend
Only Ben can tell us what is really in his blend. However, it s a mild Burley blend with some slight traces of our Peaches and Cream. The rest is Ben’s secret.

Hunter’s Blend

A Toasted Cavendish discreetly flavored to produce an extremely mild, slow burning, cool smoke. You can smoke this one all day without experiencing any bite. The aroma is pleasing to all.

Ladies Delight

A delightful mixture of light pressed Burley and our light Golden Cavendish. The pronounced flavor of coffee lends an air of distinction to this mild and tasteful blend. Its Java aroma is as wonderful as its taste.

Shelby’s Cut

Just the right balance of Golden Virginia, Burleys, sweet Toasted Cavendish and a pinch spice. A sweet Vanilla flavor distinguishes this mild, light bodied blend with savory taste and flavor. Fills the room with a wonderful aroma.

Black Truffle *

Combine Golden Virginia tobaccos blended with mild Danish Dark Cavendish, Oriental and white Tennessee Burley with original sun-cured Mexican vanilla, famous for its fine mild taste. “Smells good enough to eat”.  It’s our best selling English blend.

Benjamin Mickleberry’s Favorite

Mild cured Virginias from Zimbabwe and North Carolina blended with sweet Black Cavendish.

King Cotton

A mixture of light Golden and Dark, sweet Cavendish tobaccos, blended and flavored to produce a mild pleasant taste. It has a mild flavor and is delightfully aromatic.

Plantation Puff

More cherry flavor! This is the most flavorful cherry blend we have produced. Start with our aromatic Golden Cavendish combine a dark cherry flavor with a touch of Count Pulaski. It’s a cool smoke with a rich cherry aroma.

Dockside *

Toasted Cavendish is laced with mountain Latakia, then blended with white Burley and golden Virgina to produce a sweer, fuller-bodied smoke, yet cool and slow burning.

(* $96 / Pound)

**1/2 lb minimum to ship any tobacco